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How Fiber Brings Live Production Home, Part II

In Part 1 of Fiber Brings Live Production Home, we discussed the complicated logistics – and costs - of taking a video production on the road. A viable and highly affordable alternative to taking all of your equipment and personnel with you on the road is to use a high-bandwidth transportation system such as leased or dedicated fiber optic links. This allows your editors to work in their own suites, where they are the most efficient, and keeps your valuable anchor talent in the main studio.

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Fiber Brings Live Video Production Home

Taking a video production on the road is a complicated process – cameras, operators, sound people, remote producers, portable editing suites and miles of cable. Taking the show overseas further complicates the process, requiring shipments of large containers well in advance of the event, along with piles of paperwork and customs declaration forms. Adding to the cost are the transportation, lodging and meal requirements for the staff at the remote site.

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