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Adding Fiber Connectivity: When Microtrenching is Overkill

We’ve all done it. Missed the obvious. Just this weekend I was running late to a mutual friend's barbecue and figured I’d leave the navigating to my iPhone in order to make up the time.

Siri hardly ever lets me down.

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Microtrenching and Fiber Connectivity. Crazy Like a Fox.

The more one learns about microtrenching, the crazier the old way of bringing in optical cable seems.

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Lead with Light! ... why is Pro AV lagging with fiber?

A very interesting thing happened to me on my way to everywhere.
After meeting with countless consultants and integrators all over the country, one particular repetitive statement began to reverberate in my head: “We don’t get much call for fiber, but we use it when we have to.” This was a shocking statement to me at first, especially considering it was coming from the technical leaders of the AV industry. But then I realized that this is just human nature clouding the progressive thought process. For all the greatness of mankind, one of the natural responses to change is “fear of the unknown” and this, I realized, is what drives that statement.

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