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Multiplexing Telemedicine

For most rural medical facilities, telemedicine – video plus broadband data links to large medical facilities in cities – is a literal lifesaver. From rapidly moving large images such as X-rays and CT scans to video conferencing between patients and remote specialists, broadband connections help to bring the latest medical information and techniques to small clinics and regional hospitals.

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Adding Fiber Connectivity: When Microtrenching is Overkill

We’ve all done it. Missed the obvious. Just this weekend I was running late to a mutual friend's barbecue and figured I’d leave the navigating to my iPhone in order to make up the time.

Siri hardly ever lets me down.

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Wavelength Division Multiplexing – It’s Not Rocket Science…

As with anything that is not familiar to us, it is human nature to think that something mystical, or difficult to understand must be involved in the creation of that which is not familiar and already understood.

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Microtrenching and Fiber Connectivity. Crazy Like a Fox.

The more one learns about microtrenching, the crazier the old way of bringing in optical cable seems.

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An Important Consideration When Using a CWDM Mux

In 2009 the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) introduced,  ITU G.652.D  as an industry recommendation which defines a full-spectrum, low water peak, singlemode fiber - basically most single mode fiber used in the past 5 years. This improvement in fiber performance opened the door for the proliferation of Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM Mux) and other long wavelength technologies.

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