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We Were the Pioneers in Fiber Optics. We Are the Future in Fiber Optics.  

Founded in 1987, the FiberPlex brand was established by the earliest founders of fiber optics. They had the vision to transform communications.

That vision has manifested into our practice. We are transforming communications every single day and across the world through fiber optics.

But who we are today doesn’t define who we are tomorrow. Just like the technology we create, FiberPlex Technologies is agile and inventive. We adjust to the digital communication needs of our customers and deliver the solutions they require to prosper in a constantly evolving landscape.

Our dedication to innovation keeps us at the forefront of the latest technology and solution approaches in digital communication.

Forward-Thinking Industries Choose Fiber Optics

Fiber optics is a mature, proven technology that streamlines the world’s rapid data transmission needs across network lines.

In contrast to copper infrastructure, which simply can’t keep up with current real-time transmission requirements and heightened levels of security, fiber is built to last.

These breakthrough solutions are not only able to handle the technology needs of today, but are also primed for tomorrow’s innovations.

A Global Leader in Digital Communications 

Being a leader in digital communications is a something we pride ourselves on. Our global reach hits every corner of the globe – from Europe to Asia to Australia. We have shipped our fiber optics technology for installation all over the world.

For more than two decades, we’ve invested our time, resources, and energy into fiber optics growth and development.

We are passionate about where fiber optics is headed. It’ll continue to be the communications path of the future. As fiber optics develops, we’ll be right there leading the charge.


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