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We're Hitting the Road!

FiberPlex Demo TruckFiberPlex Technologies is taking to the road in its new “fiber lab on wheels” to demonstrate the latest in fiber optic communications.

Keep checking here for updates, photos and other media from the road.

The industrial truck has been equipped with more than a mile of optical cabling along with FiberPlex multiplexers, converters and assorted equipment for the purpose of demonstrating emergent fiber optic applications, including the transportation of audio, video and data used in defense, manufacturing, transportation, system integration and more.

FiberPlex “roadies” will sweep through New England and wind their way down the East Coast and across the nation in the coming months.

  • Experience a fully funtional demontration of a variety of FiberPlex Solutions
  • Discover how you can get a custom fiber solution but procure it as if it was 'off-the shelf'
  • And More!
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Live Schedule

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Images from the Road

More Media

From our freinds at Markertek


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