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As the owner of a FiberPlex Technologies product, you already enjoy a one-year parts and workmanship warranty.1 With the FiberPlex Technologies Extended Service Agreement2 (ESA), you can have peace of mind that your FiberPlex equipment will be covered for years to come.3

Available in one or three-year terms, the FiberPlex Technologies ESA extends the same comprehensive coverage you receive with a new product beyond the original warranty period. You can purchase an ESA at the same time as your new product purchase or any time within the valid warranty period. Likewise, an existing ESA can be renewed or extended at any time before expiration.

If you have a product that is currently out of warranty or whose ESA has expired, you can have your product re-certified and qualified for coverage under a new ESA. Just contact your client services representative for a quote and instructions on re-certification.

Rock-solid reliability and superior customer service are hallmarks of FiberPlex Technologies, LLC. Covering your product with FiberPlex Technologies ESA is the next logical step for peace of mind.

1 See FiberPlex Technologies Terms and Conditions of Sale for details
2 Details of FiberPlex Technologies Extended Service Agreement attached
3 Not all products are eligible for ESA. Products nearing End of Life are not eligible.