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Dee McVicker

Dee McVicker has written about technology and trends for MIT Technology Review, Billboard, and CIO, among others.
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FiberPlex Solves Google IoT Product Testing Issue

Among the more interesting products resulting from the Internet of Things (IoT) is a new waveguide product recently introduced by FiberPlex Technologies.

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‘Blue Box’ Solution to Signaling Projection Mapping

With projection mapping becoming a big deal in the AV staging and lighting business, small blue boxes are starting to show up at auditoriums, during corporate events, and at other performance venues.

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Dallas Cowboy Stadium: When Your DiGiCo Mixer is Multi-Mode and You Need Single-Mode Fiber

The AT&T Stadium in Arlington, previously known as the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, is a Texas-sized stadium with close to five million feet of cabling strung up, down and across one end to the other, most of it single-mode fiber optics.

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Flying Your Fiber!

Most attendees will leave a conference with a handful of new contacts, some swag, a few empty promises and the latest flu or cold that’s going around.

A lucky few will also take home a solution to a pressing problem, as massAV Director of Operations Aaron Raymond did at one InfoComm after he approached the FiberPlex stand to discuss options for easily getting 3G video signals and network control from a ground control center to multiple, redundant projectors mounted on trusses.

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FiberPlex 'Roadies' to Demo Emergent Fiber Apps


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Fiber for Training Future Surgeons

Training future surgeons using distance-learning technology is an important part of today’s hospital operation that comes with high bandwidth requirements, long-distance transmission obstacles and RF and EMI challenges. Thanks to a new visual training system designed by Midtown Video utilizing FiberPlex fiber optics technology, one regional hospital has been able to overcome these challenges so future surgeons can view live medical procedures without having to step into the operating room.

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SEC Sports College Ups Live Action Using Fiber Communications

Great athletes, phenomenal coaches, and a few strands of fiber optics are keeping the University of Kentucky in the game.

As one of 14 elite colleges participating in the newly formed Southeastern Conference (SEC) Network, the university recently underwent a sports facility upgrade that included FiberPlex fiber optic communications in order to originate more content for the ESPN network.

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