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FiberPlex Solves Google IoT Product Testing Issue

Posted by Dee McVicker on 3/16/17 1:00 PM

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Among the more interesting products resulting from the Internet of Things (IoT) is a new waveguide product recently introduced by FiberPlex Technologies. WEN-6_500-1.png

The WEN-6 is an extension nut for FiberPlex waveguide filters that was designed in response to a logistical issue with environmental testing of an IoT product acquired by Google. Waveguide filtering is used to isolate enclosures from outside RF and EMI interference, as is essential of many IoT products that are wifi controlled and require a test enclosure free of outside RF interference.   

The FiberPlex WGF series of waveguide filters are precisely calculated in diameter and bore length to provide attenuation at a specific cutoff frequency in order to maintain an enclosure's RF isolation integrity. In many cases, these waveguide filters can be mounted flush. However, in cases where the isolated chamber’s walls are thicker than the calculated length of the waveguide filter, as was the case for Google, the solution had been a combination of brass tubing and coupling nut that creates a protrusion on either side of the wall – a solution that is a potential safety hazard.

The WEN-6 solves this problem as an extension that maintains the mathematically calculated dimensions of the waveguide while creating a flush mount to the wall. “FiberPlex has a long history of problem solving using waveguide filters and other products for military applications, and we have since been able to offer these simple solutions to SCIF and other environments with similar requirements. WEN-6 is a prime example of that,” says FiberPlex CEO Buddy Oliver.

FiberPlex’s new WEN-6 is now available as a simple flush-mount solution for FiberPlex waveguide filtering used in SCIF/TEMPEST enclosures, anechoic chambers and MRI, medical and manufacturing environments as well as for EMC and RF testing. FiberPlex WGF waveguide products come in 12, 6 and 4 bore units in several cutoff frequencies, and can accept pre-terminated fiber optic cables.

In addition to waveguide products, FiberPlex makes a full line of wavelength division multiplexers, SFP modules as well as media converters for interfacing and converting to fiber optic communications, from serial data (EIA530, RS422, RS232, V.35) and telecom (POTS, ISDN, T1/E1, T3/E3, STS1, E&M, Avaya) to multichannel audio (MADI, Dante) and video (RS170, 3G-SDI, HDMI). FiberPlex specializes in high-demand environments.  

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