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New From FiberPlex, Passive Multiplexer for Analog Optical

Posted by FiberPlex Technologies on 1/27/17 10:18 AM

WDP_CampusApp_800-1.jpgFiberPlex’s new WDP, shown on each end of the green arrow connecting two campuses, multiplexes additional channels onto an already existing fiber infrastructure, saving the cost of adding new optical cabling for analog optical applications.

FiberPlex Technologies now offers a full spectrum of options for utilizing unused capacity on existing fiber optic links with the introduction of its WDP passive wavelength division multiplexers.

 Known for its innovative approach to active wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), FiberPlex recently introduced its new line of passive multiplexers to address analog optical applications not compatible with active WDM technology. “RF, antenna, SATCOM and other optical signals that are analog in nature cannot be combined using an active wavelength division multiplexer such as our WDM16, which uses SFP modules. We introduced the WDP passive line to address those needs,” explains FiberPlex CEO Buddy Oliver.

WDP16_500.pngWith this, FiberPlex rounds out its multiplexer offering for recovering a large portion of the 400,000 Gigahertz fiber optic cable that would otherwise go unused, providing additional capacity over existing singlemode fiber optic lines in campuses, data centers, telecoms and broadcast facilities.

Its WDP multiplexes 8 or 16 data channels, depending on model, onto a pair of singlemode fiber by dividing them into wavelengths. Each channel is transmitted at different light waves and passively combined into a single a fiber pair. Due to its completely passive nature, the WDP models have virtually no bandwidth limitations.

By multiplexing additional channels onto an already existing fiber infrastructure, FiberPlex multiplexers effectively eliminate having to install new fiber optic cabling and all the associated labor and conduit expenses and downtime to yield the same capacity gain.

WDP16 Rear.jpgWhereas FiberPlex’s WDM active multiplexers “actively” tune to whatever wavelengths are required and use changeable SFP digital interfaces, its new WDP passive multiplexers provide fixed wavelengths unique to device or system. FiberPlex’s WDP passive and WDM active wavelength multiplexers come in 8 channel and 16 channel models.

Optical fiber communication is becoming increasingly popular due to the large bandwidth capacity, high transference rate, and security-related characteristics of fiber optics.

In addition to multiplexers, FiberPlex makes a full line of SFP modules for interfacing and converting to fiber optic communications, from serial data (EIA530, RS422, RS232, V.35) and telecom (POTS, ISDN, T1/E1, T3/E3, STS1, E&M, Avaya) to multichannel audio (MADI, Dante) and video (RS170, 3G-SDI, HDMI). FiberPlex specializes in high-demand environments, including SCIF and Tempest environments.

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