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Security Is All Over the Map. FiberPlex and IMM Connect the Dots.

Security is all over the map. It affects everything and everyone, but none more so than Intermountain Marketing Inc. (IMM), a security systems design consultant and manufacturers’ rep that recently added FiberPlex optical products to its line of cyber-physical security solutions.

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FiberPlex Introduces New Ethernet-to-Fiber Switch

What do you get when you cross Ethernet with fiber optic distribution? FiberPlex’s new TIS-8632 10/100/1000 Ethernet-to-fiber switch. 

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FiberPlex Goes to the GRAMMYs

At Sunday’s 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards® FiberPlex’s WDM-16 fiber optic multiplexers and FOI-6010 workboxes, two newcomers to Music’s Biggest Night®, were instrumental in getting music from the stage out to the final mobile production truck for broadcast.

“When Mike Abbott and I first spoke about what methods we were using for MADI to MADI on single-mode fiber is when we decided FiberPlex was an option for the GRAMMYs,” said Joel Singer with Music Mix Mobile (M3), which was responsible for mixing the live music from the stage inside the Los Angeles Staples Center to the broadcast truck outside.

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SEC Sports College Ups Live Action Using Fiber Communications

Great athletes, phenomenal coaches, and a few strands of fiber optics are keeping the University of Kentucky in the game.

As one of 14 elite colleges participating in the newly formed Southeastern Conference (SEC) Network, the university recently underwent a sports facility upgrade that included FiberPlex fiber optic communications in order to originate more content for the ESPN network.

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Major Government Contractor Adds FiberPlex to Line

With new acquisitions no longer on the books and fiber optic communications in high demand for securing government networks, prime U.S. government contractor Systems Plus recently added our fiber optics products to bolster existing fiber infrastructure for its government and corporate clients.

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Small Boxes, Big Problems at InfoComm

We had some big problems to solve at InfoComm 2014. Here are a few of the more notable ones, and how our new problem solvers, the TD series optical fiber converters, came to the rescue.

Problem: My Dante system can only go so far given my existing network. How can I extend it?

Solution: The answer is optical fiber, by way of our TD-6010 converter. Simply plug your Dante system into a gigabit Ethernet SFP module on one port and an optical cable into the optic SFP on the other port, and it's done. Dante extended, for miles.

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Taking a Whack Out of Fiber Costs

Security. Big data. Austerity. Fulfilling all three requirements for a large project can be like playing the business equivalent of Whack-a-Mole. If you manage to whack one mole, another one pops up. So while fiber optics communications clearly has the capacity for big data (100s of times that of copper cabling on the high end) and it’s absurdly secure – nothing gets into or leaks out of optical fiber – the question of cost keeps popping up.

You’ll be glad to know you can finally put away that mallet.

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It's Fiber All the Way for Hillsdale College

When it comes to broadband AV, it’s optical fiber all the way for Hillsdale College in Michigan. The independent private college started running high-speed, secure optical fiber across its indoor track using our audio optical technology in May and is now gearing up for another, longer optical run that will shuttle multimedia across its campus.

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'Ultimate Production Snake' Created from FiberPlex Multiplexer

It’s lights, cameras and a whole lot more action for massAV as a result of a new FiberPlex Technologies optical snake recently added to its linecard.

The live event AV staging and production company in Billerica, Massachusetts, purchased FiberPlex’s WDM optical multiplexer to create what massAV Director of Operations Aaron Raymond calls the ultimate production snake. “We build a lot of very high end video systems, and when you start adding multiple lines of HD video along with audio, data, lighting and control for an event, it really has to be fiber,” he said, adding, “We’d been limited in our use of fiber until now because it meant having to set up an optical transmitter and receiver on every single channel, and that got expensive.”

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FiberPlex MADI SFP Passes Optical to Avid During NFL Pro Bowl

It was a double pass for optical fiber at Sunday’s NFL Pro Bowl game at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, where copper cabling took a beating due to excessive moisture buildup from the rain.

“The issue with copper wasn’t noise for a change, it was water,” said Jeff Kang with Custom Audio, Kaneohe, Hawaii, which has been providing sound reinforcement for Pro Bowl for over 10 years. Fortunately, this year, Kang had contacted FiberPlex Technologies about a MADI-to-optic conversion box for his Avid Profile live audio console in order to run optical fiber across the stadium, and thereby bypass the problems associated with a copper run.

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