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Security Is All Over the Map. FiberPlex and IMM Connect the Dots.

Posted by FiberPlex Technologies on 5/21/15 9:51 AM

Fiber SecuritySecurity is all over the map. It affects everything and everyone, but none more so than Intermountain Marketing Inc. (IMM), a security systems design consultant and manufacturers’ rep that recently added FiberPlex optical products to its line of cyber-physical security solutions.

“We’re in the midst of huge changes in the security space, not only on the physical side but especially on the cyber-security side where we need to be able to integrate all these pieces together into one unified and integrated system,” says Chris Fruchey, VP of Business Development for IMM located in Lone Tree, Colorado. IMM is one of the few AV representatives to specialize in video surveillance and security for airports, hospitals, power plants and other industrial and government organizations.

With an established line of AVI security solutions, and with credit card hacking on the rise and new HIPAA privacy rules imposing greater security measures, the 40+ year old company is uniquely positioned to unify a growing disparity of products and systems bridging physical with cyber security.

Its recent addition of FiberPlex’s wavelength division multiplexer and media converter lines provides connectivity and conversion between those systems and products.

“That ability to take access control of a card reader at a gate, for example, and integrate that with alarm panels and then to unify that with ancillary items and send that data to a network switch – a lot of that hinges on fiber connectivity,” explains Fruchey.

FiberPlex’s line of wavelength division multiplexers makes it possible to secure additional capacity on existing fiber communication links for high capacity data streams such as multiple camera feeds. For other areas of concern in the secured environment, FiberPlex’s media converters provide the conversion necessary to exchange data between diverse media and formats such as audio/video, Ethernet, serial data and MADI; single-mode fiber or multi-mode fiber; and various telecommunications formats as well as control signals and relay contacts.

“The FiberPlex brand is well-known and established in the government sector where security has long been a top priority. Now with the experience and integration capability of reps like IMM, we’ll be able to port what we know to be effective to any business or industry across all cyber and physical aspects of security,” comments FiberPlex’s CEO Buddy Oliver.

Optical fiber transport links are in demand because of fiber’s electrical isolation characteristics that make it virtually immune to data breaches. Compared to copper cabling, which is susceptible to electromagnetic radiation that can “leak” data, fiber optic communication is virtually noise-proof and tamperproof, especially when encryption is added to transmitted content. This is because optical cable is made up of glass fiber, thereby eliminating issues with EMR, grounding, shorting or crosstalk of cables.

In addition to excellent security properties, optical fiber cable is more resilient, can transmit information error-free over greater distances, and has a much larger capacity for data than copper cabling.

FiberPlex’s WDM-16 active wavelength division multiplexer is capable of multiplexing 16 channels at up to 3 Gbps each down an existing fiber pair, yielding an aggregated payload of 48 Gbps.

FiberPlex’s TD-6010 frame provides bi-directional coupling between formats at data rates up to 12.5 Gbps per slot with complete noise immunity and electrical isolation. More than a dozen FiberPlex SFP modules are currently available for these frames and for a range of purposes, including converting between media formats SD/HD-SDI and HDMI/DVI, 10/100/1G Ethernet and MADI, as well as full duplex and BiDi optical.

FiberPlex has a brand presence that goes back more than a quarter of a century as a leading global communications company, including an early leadership role in TEMPEST mitigation for the U.S. government.


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