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Chassis Adapter for FOI series

Model #: CMA-2001 / CMA-3002

Chassis Mount Adapters
The CMA-2001, and CMA-3002 chassis mount adapters are required to securely hold each fiber optic isolator or interface converter installed in a rack mount chassis. Alignment pins on the Chassis Mount Adapater assure proper mating between power connectors on the fiber optic isolators and the rack mount chassis power bus. Easy front or rear access to both the fiber optic and electrical interface connectors when inside the rack mount chassis.
Chassisl Mount Adapter
  • Assures proper alignment of power connections of FOI in an RMC chassis
  • Allows easy access to electrical an fiber connections while installed in chassis
6.375 (162)
2.844 (72)
1.485 (38)
in (mm)
9.559 (243)
3.468 (88)
1.57 (40)
in (mm)
  • CMA-2001 – Chassis Mount Adapter for use with RMC-2101
  • CMA-3002 – Chassis Mount Adapter for use with RMC-3101
PDF Document Datasheet
PDF Document User Manual
PSQ-4909 Power Supply for size 4 FOI type isolator stand-alone configuration
WMA-3002 Wall mount adapter for FOI type isolators
RMC-3101 19" Rack mount chassis, 5 1/4" (3U)  for FOI type isolators
CMA-3002 Chassis Mounting Adapter for FOI type isolator
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