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DMX Lighting Control for Series32

Model #: DMX4i | DMX4o

DMX4i | DMX4o

The LightViper DMX4 system is comprised of a DMX4i input box and a DMX4o output box.

These units are accessories for the LightViper Series 32 product line and are not stand alone products. They need to be connected to an existing LightViper Series 32 system to function. The DMX4 will allow the user to send 4 universes of DMX lighting control from FOH to Stage, or 3 universes of lighting control PLUS Yamaha HA control from FOH to Stage. DMX connections on the units can be made via 3-pin XLR or 5-pin XLR. The Yamaha head amp control input / output is connected via a DB9 connector.

The connection to the LightViper Series 32 system is made via the rear panel EtherCon® connector. Power for the DMX units comes from this connection to the LightViper Series 32 devices at each end. There is an LED sync indicator on each unit which indicates the sync status of the units. Solid green indicates sync is present, off indicates there is no sync or unit is off.

  • 4 Universes of DMX Lighting Control
  • Yamaha HA control
  • Uses existing Control Channel on VIS/VIM
Power Requirement from Control Host Voltage Range (VDC)
Power Consumption (W)
DMX Data TTL Data Rate (MHz) - - 2
Single Direction, fully complies with the USITT DMX512 Specification
Interface Connector RJ-45
Environmental Storage Temperature (°C)
OperatingTemperature (°C)
1.75 in (45 mm)
19 in (483 mm)
6.5 (165 mm)
4.5 lb (2 kg)
DMX4i DMX Lighting Control input
DMX4o DMX Lighting Control output
This product has no accessories

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