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Fully Compatible EIA-530 / 6X4 RS-422 Serial Interface with 1x2 RS-232

Model #: TD-1580 | TD-1581

TD-1580 | TD-1581


The TD-1580 and TD-1581 pair together to form a powerful balanced serial data transport solution. The DB-25 connectors are pinned out to directly support an EIA-530 serial link. However due to the transparency and flexibility of the design, the TD-1580/81 can be used as 6x4 independent 6 Mbps RS-422 channels and 2x1 independent 256 Kbps RS-232 channels (see below for details). This incredible versatility can solve a myriad of serial data communications problems. Your once limited serial links can not only be consolidated but extended to over 20 Km on a single fiber pair. SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), Telecommunications, Facility Automation and Control, even DMX Lighting control applications can all benefit from the TD-1580/81. For more advanced systems, a ‘Regeneration’ switch on the TD-1581 allows users to toggle between synchronous applications that require Send Timing (ST) and asynchronous or synchronous applications that require Terminal Timing (TT).

How do we get so many channels?

By using a technology unique to FiberPlex products called ‘transparency’, we are able to use all the clock, data and control channels of the standard EIA-530 interface completely independently of one another. This provides the ability to have (4) bi-directional RS-422 serial with (2) unidirectional RS-422 and (1) bi-directional RS-232 with (1) uni-directional RS-232, or even independently as (6) RS-422 in one direction and (4) in the other [6x4] and (2) RS-232 in one direction and (1) in the other [2x1].

Typical Applications

6 universes of DMX lighting

Secure commercial networks



  • Compatible with:
    • TIA/EIA-530 (RS-530)
    • MIL-STD-188-114A balanced type 1 and type 2
    • FED STD 1030A
  • Can alternately be used for
  • 6x4 RS-422 and 1x2 RS-232
  • EIA-530 and RS-422 channels support data rates from DC to 6.144 Mbps
  • Can be used for up to 6 universes of DMX lighting control
  • Includes power adapter as well as a 3-position Phoenix™


  • Oil and Gas
  • Home / Facility Automation
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Controls
  • DMX Lighting
    Min Typ Max Unit
Power Requirement Voltage Range 7 9 32 V
Supply Current - 625 - mA
BalancedDifferential Signals Data Rate DC - 6.144 Mbps
Sampling Jitter 0 - 23 %
Input Load - 100 - Ω
Common-Mode Input Voltage - - ±7 V
Common-Mode Output Voltage (100 Ω load) - 1.8 3 V
UnbalancedSingle-Ended Signals Data Rate DC - 120 kbps
Sampling Jitter 0 - 0.4 %
Input Load 3 5 7
Input Voltage Range -25 - 25 V
Output Voltage (5 kΩ load) - ±5 - V
Environmental Storage Temperature -40 - 85 °C
Operating Temperature 0 - 50 °C
Interface Connector TD-1581 DB-25 Male
TD-1580 DB-25 Female
External SFP Interface Min Typ Max Unit
Data Rate - 270 - Mbps
Recommended Jitter - - 40 Psec
Operating Voltage - 3.3 - VDC
Maximum Current - - 500 mA
Optical Modules SFP MSA (SFF-8431, SFF-8432, SFF-8433) compliant slot, data rate 266 – 1.25 Gbps
Case Dimensions Length Width Height Weight
TD-1580 / TD-1581 4.5 in (114 mm) 2.75 in (70 mm) 1.66 in (42 mm) 0.4 lb (0.2 kg)
PDF Document Datasheet
PDF Document User Manual
PSQ-4909 Power Supply for size 4 FOI type isolator stand-alone configuration
WMA-3002 Wall mount adapter for FOI type isolators
RMC-3101 19" Rack mount chassis, 5 1/4" (3U)  for FOI type isolators
CMA-3002 Chassis Mounting Adapter for FOI type isolator
Standalone Operation
PSA-T913 Spare Wall Power Adapter for TD Series Modules, 9V @ 1.3A
TD-DINR DIN Rail Adapter
Rack Mounting
TDP 6 Position Front Connect Powered Rack for TD Series Modules
TDR-01-AC 6 Position Rear Connect Powered Rack for TD Series Modules
Stage / Truss Solutions
TTM 6 Position Truss Mount AC Powered Rack for TD Series Modules
Industrial Solutions
TNE-01 NEMA 4X Rated Powered Enclosure for 1 TD Series Module
TNE-03 NEMA 4X Rated Powered Enclosure for 3 TD Series Modules
TD-DINR DIN Rail Adapter

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