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Digital Breakout Cables

Model #: VCB-DDX

Digital Breakout Cables

FiberPlex VCB breakout cables provide an easy solution for connecting to LightViper products.

Our VCB handcrafted 110-ohm digital audio snakes are perfect for multiple channel transmission of 110-ohm AES/EBU digital audio data, and come in both 8 channel and 16 channel configurations (2 audio channels per XLR per AES3).

Made with Gepco’s thin profile flexible precision DS6 series digital snake cable, Neutrik XLR’s and professional quality DB25 connectors, our digital snakes are ideal for multichannel AES breakouts from AD/DA converters, digital mixers, or digital multi-track recorders. Gepco DS6 series is characterized up to 25MHz for 192kHz transmission. Pairs are precision twisted with a non-conductive polyethylene filler rod, shielded, and isolated with color-coded pair jackets. Gepco’s cable construction techniques lower attenuation, minimize crosstalk, and stabilizes the impedance, reducing cable induced bit-errors and jitter.

  • High quality copper breakout cables
  • Standardized pinout
  • Quality Neutrik connectors
Conductor 26AWG
Impedance 110 Ω
Capacitance 14 pF/ft between conductors
Bandwidth 25MHz
Pair Shield 100% Foil
Dielectric Foam Polypropylene
8 Pair Outer Diameter .560in (14.2mm)
4 Pair Outer Diameter .435in (11.1 mm)
VCB-DDXM-15 Digital 110-Ohm breakout cable, DB25 to (8) XLR male, 15′
VCB-DDXF-15 Digital 110-Ohm breakout cabl, DB25 to (8) XLR female, 15′
PDF Document VCB-DDX XLR Breakout Pinout Chart
PSQ-4909 Power Supply for size 4 FOI type isolator stand-alone configuration
WMA-3002 Wall mount adapter for FOI type isolators
RMC-3101 19" Rack mount chassis, 5 1/4" (3U)  for FOI type isolators
CMA-3002 Chassis Mounting Adapter for FOI type isolator
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