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32 Output Tail Split FUW MY Cards

Model #: VIM-2032


The VIM-2032 has been designed to operate with the LightViper VIM-MY32M YGDAI card. In can be used in situations where the user has a YGDAI card from another manufacturer already in place, thus limiting the number of input channels accessible using LightViper VIM-MY32 YGDAI cards.

The VIM-2032 acts as a slave card, providing 32 channels of analog AND 32 channels of digital output. This enables the user to gain access to 32 channels of inputs, including a 16 channel “split” of the inputs coming into the VIM-MY32M master and the 16 channels that would normally come into the VIM-MY32S slave card, via a Neutrik MiniCon® connector. Any of these 32 inputs are then accessible on analog line level or digital outputs. The VIM-2032 contains a single LC fiber “thru” connector (transmit only) allowing all 32 channels of audio coming into the device to be output on fiber and transported to another location.

The VIM-2032 operates only at 48k. The VIM-2032 must be connected to a VIM-MY32M YGDAI card. There are work clock and super clock outputs on BNC connectors. There is a Neutrik MiniCon® connector used for connecting the VIM-2032 to the VIM-MY32M master card. There are “sync” status LED’s on the rear and front of the unit. These LED’s will be solid green when in sync, flashing red and green while looking for sync, and solid red when no sync is present.

The “control” connection is a TTL data port which appears on an EtherCon® connector. It allows LightViper accessory devices such as the DMX4o (DMX lighting control) or MD3 (RS422/232/MIDI) to be connected to the unit. The EtherCon® output of the DMX4i or RJ45 on the MD-3 is input to the VIM-2032 via the “control” EtherCon® connector, combined with the audio input data, and transported via fiber to the VIS-1832 or VIS-4832. This data is then output from the “control” EtherCon® connector on the VIS-1832 or VIS-4832and input into a DMXo or MD-3 where the TTL data is translated back into the original format. The “control” port can also be used to transport Yamaha™ HA control. Using a DGL-422 dongle, the D9 control output of the Yamaha™ is connected to the RJ45 on the VIM-2032. For connection with a Yamaha ™ LS9, there is a toggle switch that can be used to capture the control information internally as opposed to the 9-pin to RJ45 connection. AC power is via a standard IEC connector. The unit can operate at any voltage 50-60Hz, 90-250v AC.

  • 32×0 FiberOptic Audio Transport
  • 32 simultaneous analog & digital outputs
  • Recaptures all inputs on a Yamaha console due to other manufacturers YGDAI cards limiting access to inputs
  • Lossless optical “THRU” for distributed systems
  • Ultra-low latency cable runs over 1.25 miles with no loss
Power Requirement Voltage Range (V)
Supply Current (mA)
THD+N (1kHz@ +4dBu) < 0.01%
Frequency Response (20-20kHz @ +16 dBu) ± 0.5 dB
Dynamic Range 102 dB
Crosstalk 5 dB above noise floor
Sampling Rate 24 bit / 96kHz or 24 bit / 48 kHz
Latency 630 μs analog input to analog output, 20 μs, digital input to digital output
Environmental Storage Temperature (°C)
OperatingTemperature (°C)
Source Impedance
Out Level
Max Before Clip
Analog Out
150 Ω
600 Ω Lines
+4 dBu (1.23 V)
+19 dBu (7 V)
Digital Out AES3 Digital DB25
1.75 in (45 mm)
19 in (483 mm)
6.5 (165 mm)
6 lb (2.7 kg)
Max Distance
Output Power
RX Sens Loss Budget
62.5 / 125 μm
2 km
820 nm
-18 dBm
-30 dBm
12 dB
9 /125 μm
20 km
1300 nm
-15 dBm
-32 dBm
21 dB
Control Port Accessories  
DGL-422 RS-422 Dongle for use with Yamaha Mixing Consoles
DMX4i | DMX4o  DMX Lighting Control, 4 Channel
MD3 Multi-Data Interface
Breakout Cables
VCB-AD Analog Breakout Cables
VCB-DDX Digital Breakout Cables
VCB-DD Digital Specialty Cables

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