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Yamaha MY Cards

Model #: VIM-MY32


The LightViper VIM-MY32 YGDAI cards are designed for use with Yamaha™ digital equipment containing YGDAI (Yamaha General Digital Audio Interface) card slots. The VIM-MY32 cards are used in place of the VIM-1832 at the “tail” or mixer end of the system.

The VIM-MY32 cards can be used in connection with the VIS-1832 or VIS-4832. When used with the VIS- 4832 and Yamaha™ AD8HR mic pre-amps, The Yamaha™ AD8HR mic pre-amps can be remotely controlled through the LightViper system using a Yamaha™ console. VIM-MY32M Master Card – this card provides 16 direct digital inputs (sends) and 8 digital outputs (returns) from the Yamaha™ device.

The VIM-MY32M comes standard with LC fiber connectors however it can also be fit with ST, Neutrik Duo or Neutrik Quad tactical connectors. The VIM-MY32M contains multimode optics (singlemode optional).

The VIM-MY32M contains the clock for the LightViper system. There is an internal switch to select whether the VIM-MY32M is the master clock, or whether the VIM-MY32M will slave to the consoles master clock. The VIM-MY32 cards only operate at 48k. The VIM-MY32M provides 2 fiber-optic pass thru connectors which allow inputs 17-32 to be fed into a second master card. There is a “sync” status LED on the front of the VIM-MY32M. This LED will be solid green when in sync, flashing red and green while looking for sync, and solid red when no sync is present.

The VIM-MY32M contains a Neutrik MiniCon® connector to enable connection to the VIM-MY32S slave card. VIM-MY32S Slave Card – there is no fiber-optic connection to the VIM-MY32S slave card. It connects to the VIM-MY32M master card via the supplied MiniCon® cable. The VIM-MY32S also contains an RJ45 connector for TTL data input, and a DB9, both of which can be used for sending Yamaha™ HA remote control over fiber with the audio returns. The toggle switch is used to choose which connector is active – the TTL connector or the DB9 connector. To use the TTL data port for Yamaha HA remote control, a LightViper DGL-422 dongle is required.

  • 32×8 FiberOptic Audio Transport
  • Digital direct input to Yamaha™ YGDAI card slots
  • Optical distribution of Word Clock
  • Transports Yamaha™ HA remote control
  • Ultra-low latency cable runs over 1.25 miles with no loss
Power Consumption From Card Slot (W)
THD+N (1kHz@ +4dBu) < 0.01%
Frequency Response (20-20kHz @ +16 dBu) ± 0.5 dB
Dynamic Range 102 dB
Crosstalk 5 dB above noise floor
Sampling Rate 24 bit / 96kHz or 24 bit / 48 kHz
Latency 630 μs analog input to analog output, 20 μs, digital input to digital output
Environmental Storage Temperature (°C)
OperatingTemperature (°C)
1.575 in (40 mm)
4.74 in (100 mm)
6.392 (161 mm)
0.8 lb (0.4 kg)
Max Distance
Output Power
RX Sens Loss Budget
62.5 / 125 μm
2 km
820 nm
-18 dBm
-30 dBm
12 dB
9 /125 μm
20 km
1300 nm
-15 dBm
-32 dBm
21 dB
Control Port Accessories  
DGL-422 RS-422 Dongle for use with Yamaha Mixing Consoles
DMX4i | DMX4o  DMX Lighting Control, 4 Channel
MD3 Multi-Data Interface
Breakout Cables
VCB-AD Analog Breakout Cables
VCB-DDX Digital Breakout Cables
VCB-DD Digital Specialty Cables

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