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Waveguide Extension Nut

Model #: WEN-6-1.5

WGF-6-1.5 with included Jam Nut


FiberPlex WGF series of waveguide filters provide a way of bringing pre-terminated fiber optic cables into a shielded enclosure while maintaining the enclosure's radio frequency isolation integrity. The diameter and length of the bore are precisely calculated to provide a measured attenuation at a specific cutoff frequency. This works extremely well, however occasionally the wall of the shielded enclosure, SCIF or chamber that needs to be penetrated is thicker than the calculated length of the waveguide filter.

Previously this length limitation has been overcome with the combination of a brass waveguide extension tube and a coupling nut as can be seen in the photo below. This solution works perfectly and can accommodate even very thick walls, however it does create a protrusion on either side of the wall that could be at best unsightly and at worst a safety hazard. The WEN-6 solves this problem by providing an extension solution that maintains the mathematically calculated dimensions of the waveguide while creating a flush mounting solution.

WGF-6 with WEB-12 extension tube  and WCN-6 Coupling Nut

WGF-6 shown with WEB-12 extension tube and WCN-6 coupling nut

A Better Solution

WGF-6-1.5 installed on WGF-6 (unused rear nut from WGF-6 shown)

WGF-6-1.5 installed on WGF-6 (unused rear nut from WGF-6 shown)

 Typical Applications

WGF-6-1.5 installed on WGF-6 installed in SCIF wall

WGF-6-1.5 installed on WGF-6 installed in SCIF wall


Compatible with FiberPlex waveguides with a 1 1/8 - 18 thread including:

  • WGF-6
  • WGF-461
  • WGF-4


  • Extends the length of a FiberPlex waveguide
  • Creates a clean flush-mount solution
  • Simple installation


  • SCIF / TEMPEST Enclosures
  • EMC Testing
  • RF Testing
  • Manufacturing
  • MRI / Medical
  • Anechoic Chambers
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