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Waveguide, 27 GHz 12 Channel

Model #: WGF-12


The WGF-12 accepts up to twelve pre-terminated fiber optic cables with attached connectors. It is designed to provide a means of bringing fiber optic cables into a shielded enclosure while maintaining the enclosure’s radio frequency isolation integrity. The filter has a patented removable center plug, which is surrounded by twelve waveguide bores. When the center plug is removed, connectorized fiber optic cables can be inserted into the peripheral cable sized slots.

Typical Applications

WGF Applications

  • 12 Channel Waveguide Filter
  • Allows pass through of pre terminated fiber
  • Exceeds NSA 65-6 shielding specifications
25 GHz
20 GHz
18 GHz
15 GHz
10 GHz
100 MHz
60.32 dB
114.91 dB
128.59 dB
144.63 dB
162.77 dB
176.02 dB
Body Thread Size 1-5/8”, 20 NEF
Clearance Hole Diameter 1-21/32 in (42 mm)
Material Steel, Electroless Nickel Finish
Effective Length 1.5 in (38 mm)
Overall Length 2.31 in (59 mm)
Waveguide Bore Diameter 0.257 x 0.159 in (6.5 x 4.0 mm)
Plug Bore Diameter 1.0 in (25.5 mm)
Cut-Off Frequency 27 GHz
WGF-12 12 Channel Waveguide Filter, 27GHz
Nuts can Couplers
WGN-6 Spare Nut for WGF-6, WGF-461 and WGF-4
WGN-12 Spare Nut for WGF-12
WCN-6 Brass coupling nut for use with a WEB brass Waveguide Extension Tube (WEB-6, WEB12)
Waveguide Extension Tubes 
WEN-6-1.5 Waveguide extension nut, brass, 1.5" long, for extending WGF-4, WGF-6, WGF-461
WET-18-A  Waveguide extension tube, plastic (PVC), 18″ long, for extending WGF-4, WGF-6, WGF-461
WET-18-B Waveguide extension tube, plastic (PVC), 18″ long, for extending WGF-12
WEB-6 Waveguide extension tube, brass, 6″ long, for extending WGF-4, WGF-6, WGF-461
WEB-12 Waveguide extension tube, brass, 12″ long, for extending WGF-4, WGF-6, WGF-461

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