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Waveguide Nuts

Model #: WGN-6 | WGN-12 | WCN-6

WGN-6 | WGN-12 | WCN-6

The WGN-6 is a spare nut for the WGF-6, WGF-461 and WGF-4 while the WGN-12 is a spare nut for the WGF-12. The WCN-6 is a brass coupling nut for use with a WEB brass Waveguide Extension Tube (WEB-6, WEB12).


Waveguide Extension Tube

WGF-6 shown with WEB-12 extension tube and WCN-6 coupling nut
  • Spare Nuts Compatible with Waveguide Filters
Thread Size WGN-6 WGN-6_1.jpg 1-1/8”, 18 NEF
WCN-6 WCN-6 1-1/8”, 18 NEF
WGN-12 WGN-12.jpg 1-5/8", 20 NEF
WGN-6 Wave Guide filter nut for WGF-6, WGF-461 and WGF-4
WGN-12 Wave Guide filter nut for WGF-12
WCN-6 Wavegiude coupling nut, brass, Waveguide Extension Tube to WGF-4, WGF-6, WGF-461 Waveguides
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