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Earned Trust

The United States Department of Defense • The United States Intelligence Community • The United States Department of State.

All of these agencies have trusted the FiberPlex brand for more than a quarter century to secure the country’s most mission-critical data.

We understand that data needs to be protected in a number of ways – whether that means data containment, noise isolation, or meeting certain compliance standards.

Regardless of your industry-specific security needs, FiberPlex has a proven track record for safeguarding the information lifeblood of the most demanding and mission-critical clients in the world.

Value-driven Customer Service

When it comes to system planning, design, and implementation, FiberPlex is with you every step of the way to help you realize and fulfill your vision.

Our system design approach is meant to take the weight off of your shoulders. We’ll help you put together your system. And when we create our system designs, we put all of the pieces together so you’ll have a complete picture of your solution before it goes to bid.

U.S. Made Products

The vast majority of FiberPlex Technologies products are proudly designed and made in the USA. The small handful of products where a main component is sourced from elsewhere are still assembled in the USA and are clearly differentiated as part of the FiberPlex Import Series. We take our commitment as a U.S. Manufacturer very seriously and will always be very clear to communicate exactly what you are buying.

FiberPlex manufacturers in the U.S. (Maryland) and provides the highest quality, strictest security, most durable and precise engineering, and finest manufacturing available.

Superior Technology and Equipment

U.S. Navy communications run through FiberPlex equipment. U.S. embassies all over the world are also using FiberPlex technology to secure their communications.

A big part of the reason we deliver trusted, superior technology to these government and defense agencies is because of our unique proprietary approach to transmitting data. We exploit the benefits of fiber optics to provide a completely unaltered, seamless transport of data in ways that other companies do not.

Typical transport schemes receive and re-transmit data in a way that can limit their scope of use. But with FiberPlex’s unique approach, the connection can act like a piece of wire (in a good way) instead of a modem – with complete transparency. As a result, you’ll have a rock-solid connection.